Glitter Tattoos
Face Painting 

Body Art & Face Painting


We absolutely love being able to get creative with our beauty styling! We offer a huge range of body art including, face painting, glitter tattoos, henna, costume and special fx makeup and more! Below are samples of our work and pricing information, but feel free to contact us with specific requests for a custom quote. 





We use kid friendly, non toxic paints. We are available for parties at a rate of $100 for 3 hrs of painting. Additional hours are available for $20/hr. Typically an artist can paint between 15-20 faces in 3 hours so if you have a larger party additional hours are recommended. 

Glitter Tattoos are a fun and exciting keepsake to remember your event! They are waterproof (great for pool parties) and last up to 5 days. Unlimited glitter tattoos for 3 hours are $150, additional hours available at a rate of $30/hr. 


Henna is availble by appointment or as a party package. Individual designs are priced by size & intricacy. An average palm size (approximately 4" squared) design is $5. $25 minimum for individual henna appointments in our studio and $50 minimum for appointments on-site. Henna parties are $175 for 3 hours, additional hours are $40/hr. We also offer bridal henna, please contact us for details. 

Special Fx/Costume

Often times having the right makeup is crucial to pulling of your costume at a halloween or theme party. Hire a pro to take the stress out of the ideal and wow your friends! We offer special fx makeup using cosmetics, body paint, liquid latex and airbrush starting at $30/hr for in-studio appointments. For a custom quote please contact us. 

Prenatal Art

We would love the opporunity to adorn your belly! We offer henna, glitter, and body paint work. Henna starts at $40 and goes up to $60 depending upon fill intricacy. Glitter belly tattoos are $25-40 by size, and body painting for belly is $30. 

We also offer belly art at baby showers! This would include either henna or glitter tattoos for the mother to be and her guests at a rate of $200 for 3 hours. Typically artist can adorn the mother and up to 12 guests in this time. Additional hours are available for $40 per hour.