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How to Create a Living Litchenstein

Everyone knows I love fine art just as much as I love makeup and this Halloween I had an opportunity to fully combine my two loves! I was asked to help a friend turn herself into Pop Art. The results were amazing (if I say so myself.)

How to basic: This is a painting, so treat it as such.

  1. I started by "prepping" my model with a light moisterizer to protect her skin (that's your gesso.) Then a base (foundation) of white face paint.

  2. Next I added the countor so even though it would be barely be noticeable to the naked eye, the camera would enure she was flattering!

  3. I also added a nude eyeshadow, liner, and mascara.

  4. To apply the dots I used a tightly wrapped cosmetics cotton q-tip and applied little dabs of liquid face paint such as Mehron to create the famous pop art stippling technique.

  5. Once all those dots were thouroughly dry I painted on the tears.

  6. Finally the black contour lines were applied using a small brush and black liquid facepaint.

  7. For lipstick, I used a red lip stain.

Voila! Living Lichtenstein. Cannot wait until next Halloween!

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